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Maui Whale Watching Tours

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7:30AM Whale Watch Tour
Small Child Ages 6 & under
10:00AM Whale Watch Tour
Adult Ages 13+
Child Ages 7-12
Small Child Ages 6 & under

Join Our Premier Whale Watching Tours in Lahaina, Maui

Have you ever seen a real live humpback whale? Well now’s your chance! We offer an awesome, fully narrated 2 hour Maui whale watching tour during whale season (December – April). And there’s no better place than Maui, known for its high concentration of these magnificent animals. If you haven’t had the experience of seeing a humpback in the wild, our whale watching tours in Maui are a must do on your vacation! The Quicksilver is a great boat for Maui whale watching because of its double decks.

These animals are amazingly active during their short stay in Hawaii. They’re here to mate and give birth. The warm, relatively shallow water of Ma’alaea Bay is the ideal place for these activities. The rest of the year they spend their time feeding in Alaska. These whales can stay underwater for up to 30 minutes. Upon surfacing, they exhale at an alarming rate. The lungs of a full grown adult whale can be as large as a VW bug! When they exhale, you can see their “blow” from miles away.

A breach is also a common and very exciting sight to see while whale watching in Lahaina. Imagine what a sight it is to see a whale as large as a school bus jumping almost completely out of the water! It’s hard to explain how awe-inspiring it really is. Ready to experience the wonder for yourself? Book your whale watching tour in Maui now!